Friday, July 14, 2006

Let's get political...political, I wanna get political....

Ok, REALLY bad musical reference, sorry.
We here at TNL will blabber on just about anything except two things...
1) Politics
2) Religion
Never discuss politics or religion in a blog (not dedicated to such) or in a bar unless you want to get in a fist fight with a complete stranger. That, having been said, I feel the need to push the issue on Net Neutrality. The guys over at MZone, have been beating this drum for a long time and it's almost crunch time.

Wish their drum was this big!
I won't repeat all the explanation here, click below to get more, but all you need to know is large corporations that control the high speed internet want to charge you for uninterrupted service, and they have a shill in eternal asshat, Sen. Ted Stevens. This isn't a republican/democrat thing, it's a freedom thing. Stevens is a complete idiot and couldn't come up with this bill on his own, the corporations are running the show. Need proof- click here - and play the YouTube clip from the Daily Show. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. I know what you are thinking: "well there's nothing I can do, TNL," but you're wrong. Sign the petition and show your local representative that you care. It only takes a couple seconds.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled silliness.

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Cool Hand Mike said...

Holy Shit That's A Big Fucking Drum.

You know Down South we just put 2 15 inch speakers and a 800 watt amp in the back of our pick up trucks, Ford of course.(edsbs reference)

But you guys are truly "Old School"
You just beat that fucker as you go down the road?