Monday, December 21, 2009


Congrats to the Penn State's women's volleyball team for winning their third straight national championship. I have to say I caught the game and it was an amazing comeback and some really awesome volleyball. At some point the word "dynasty" comes to mind. Congrats ladies!

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M1EK said...

I've been to a lot of UT volleyball games - but the last VB game I attended in person was in '06 where PSU came back from 0-2 down and won in 5 sets just like this one... at UT's home court against a sellout crowd (granted, it's a Rec Hall like space). (In the end-zone area next to the Texas band, I out-screamed the pitiful group seating from the local alums up in the nosebleeds).

Great match, both times. Really feel bad for Hooker - she's dominant, perhaps better than Hodge even.