Friday, November 20, 2009

Sparty sucks! The return of Farkin’ Friday

It's been a very, very long time since I've flexed my Photoshop muscles and I was board the other night, and hey… it's rivalry week! Ok, it may be a manufactured rivalry but if it walks like a steroid freak, talks like a steroid freak, and gets angry for seemingly random reasons, it's probably a steroid enhanced freak of a mascot, and guess what, he can't dance. Oh he'll try…

*Click on to any to embiggen

But football fields aren't the venue for breakdancin' no, Sparty needs the big stage.

Or even a bigger stage…

Or even a video, and not just any video mind you, with a dancer like Sparty you need someone with similar awesome dance skills and who better than one of the best dancers of all time!

STOP! Spartytime.


Beat Sparty!


jd said...

that's the spirit

Galen said...


pay per head said...

Mascots are the team itself. I have to admit that they know how to make people exciting.