Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Penn State fans are ‘fierce’

I guess all those rumors about the way Penn State fans treat Ohio State (fans, band, and football players) must have some merit to them. At least that's what OSU offensive tackle Jim Cordle would have you believe.
"The term we use around here is black flag city. You obviously have to keep your head on a swivel, close ranks and just focus in. On the bus ride there, you come up a hill, then down by the stadium, and our bus is getting rocked. We're getting all kinds of beers thrown at us.

"Then you get to the locker room, and it's pretty bad. It's this old little shack under the bleachers. When you're walking out to the field, they have old steel bleachers you can see through, and people just line up and let you have it.

"Then, on the field, you see the whiteout. They get 'Zombie Nation' going, and obviously, that's the most feared stadium to play in. There's a lot of fierceness in those fans."

For the life of me, I've been going to Penn State football games for 20 years and I've watched the opposing teams come into the stadium and I've never seen this kind of thing happen. I'm not saying it doesn't, I'm saying I've never personally witnessed it. Honestly, if you're reading this and you're one of the one's throwing beer at OSU's bus shame on you for two reasons: 1) you're making Penn State fans look like assholes and 2) you're wasting perfectly good beer. You should be shot for #2. Being fierce and intimidating in the stadium is one thing, being a dick outside is something completely different, and anyone that is needs to take a long look in the mirror.


Jeremy said...

I think that #2 should be listed as #1. It should also be #3. Unless they are throwing Budweiser. Anyone throwing a lager should be booted out of the stadium and shoved into one of those big buckeye mascot heads right outside of Paternoville.

Galen said...

Hey even throwing Bud is pretty bad in my book.