Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All-Conference teams announced

Penn State lands 6 first team All-Conference players according to the Coaches and four according to the media. The coaches named Jared Odrick defensive lineman of the year and defensive player of the year; the media had Odrick on their second team so go figure. Oh, and no sign of preseason offensive player of the year Terrelle Pryor. Someone must have made a mistake there.

At any rate, congrats guys!


BuckeyeSki said...

Pryor did get an award...what was that again...wait for it, wait for it....Big Ten Champion.

Oh, and player of the game in that shutout of State Penn. But, awards dont mean much anyways, mostly because we are running out of room in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for all of them. Congrats on the lackluster season Nit.

Galen said...

Really, they gave Pryor the Big Ten Championship? Yes because he won it single-handed what with his 150 yards per game passing. But don't worry he'll be over-hyped yet again next season.