Thursday, October 08, 2009

Blue & White Roundtable: Ninja style

I didn't think anyone was going to take the honor privilege pain of writing any of the questions this week, what with it being Directional Illinois then *POW* William F. Yurasko drops a bomb on us… like all Ninja style!!!

Totally NOT William F. Yurasko!!

Anyhoo… take the time to check out the posse and as always William will probably have a roundup tomorrow… or not… depends on his Ninja duties.

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1 - Penn State played its most complete game of the season thus far against Illinois. What pleased you the most about the performance?

Oh this is a softball across the plate the size of a watermelon. The offensive line had its best day of any game this season. They pass blocked well, opened some holes early and wore down Illinois in the second half. It was the first time since 2005 that two Penn State running backs eclipsed the 100 yard mark. We've been down on the O-line all season, and rightfully so, but when the do well they need to be equally praised… and they did very well.

2 - Has your outlook on the season changed dramatically compared to this time last week? What about before the Iowa game?

My outlook hasn't changed in the slightest, I thought Penn State would lose a couple games and I still think they will. Now I didn't think Iowa would be one of those games but I also didn't think Michigan State was going to be as bad as they have been. I would have to say that after the Iowa game my initial reaction was OMG!!11!! We're losing 5 games!! But now that they've shown that A) the offensive line can block something better than frosty cupcake defensive lines and B) they offense is capable of putting together a complete game without turning the ball over ever other series, my outlook is a little more cheery.

3 - Eastern Illinois actually looks like a decent I-AA err FCS team, having been in that division's top 25 this season. How long can they stay in it with Penn State?

If Penn State doesn't turn the ball over, not very long. Yeah they are a decent FCS school but they aren't Appalachian State and we're not going to see another 'upset of the century' Saturday. I would think it will be close for a quarter but I'll be surprised if Penn State isn't up by a couple TD's by half.

Lightning round

Will the scoreboard be fixed by Saturday? Some panels blew off in the wind on Wednesday.

Of course, they want your money remember? They'll make sure everything is A-OK. They want you back.

Anybody having luck selling their Eastern Illinois tickets at face value?

Selling!?! ROFL!! Our company can't give them away.

What is your favorite college football blog that isn't about Penn State?

There are quite a few good ones: Lake the Posts is insightful and thorough, Boiled Sports has sideboobs (that's all I need) and of course the guys at Black Heart Gold Pantaloons have The JoePa Chronicles (and probably Dysentery).


HHV said...

Galen, did you get that "softball as big as a melon" reference from 3 Ninjas Kick Back?

Galen said...

Ah no. I don't have the stomach to watch that movie.

Host Pay Per Head said...

You did a great job finding the ninja chick. She is gorgeous. I would die happy if she killed me.