Friday, October 16, 2009

Austin Scott sues Penn State

I don't think he has a case against the university but the others, most definitely.

An attorney for Austin Scott filed the civil suit this week against Centre County prosecutors, Penn State police and the university in federal court in Williamsport. The suit said Scott suffered "mental pain and suffering" and diminished "earning capacity" because of the case.

Cutting to the chase, Scott and his attorney claim that the sexual assault case against Scott caused him to get kicked off the team and therefore go from a player in the draft (assuming he had a decent year with Penn State) to undrafted which cost him a lot of money. I totally agree with that blanket statement and I think the DA is at fault here, not the university or the university police. What I do have beef with is Scott's NFL claim.

The lawsuit alleges Scott enjoyed a "highly successful" high school and college career before his arrest, and that he was slated to be a third- or fourth-round draft pick in the NFL.

Now if they can bring some "experts" to testify that Scott could have gone in those rounds then fine but I don't think anyone had those high of expectations, then again Hunt went in the third round and had Austin had his numbers who knows, but it's hard for me to believe a guy that was only a starter his freshman and senior year would go as high as 3rd or 4th round.

So what do the main players say?

[Centre County District Attorney Michael] Madeira called Scott's legal claims "frivolous" Thursday evening, though he had not read the lawsuit.

Yes, the best thing to do is make a statement about a lawsuit you have not read. I'm beginning to believe Michael Madeira is something akin to a moron.

The University Police:

"These allegations are false. Employees of Penn State took appropriate action in following up on a report of an alleged crime, and we plan to vigorously defend the university against these charges," [school spokeswoman Lisa] Powers said.

True, I don't think they are at fault at all. Just one more little tidbit to throw on this juicy pile: Lance Marshall, the lead assistant DA on the case has since resigned because he is being investigation by the state attorney general's office for alleged inappropriate contact with a female victim in a domestic abuse case he was prosecuting.

Small world, huh?

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Nick said...

Hey give Madeira credit, he's the expert in frivolous claims. That's 99% of his career.