Friday, September 04, 2009

Death of BCS?

So I watched (ok, fell asleep watching) Boise St. – Oregon last night which turned out to be a defensive 19-8 victory for the Broncos (who knew?) This may not be such a good thing for the BCS. Boise is sitting around the 15th-ish position in the polls and will certainly be banging on the top ten after this weekend. This was their only ranked competition, and with their schedule they probably won't lose another game.

If the SEC and Big 12 beat up on each other it's quite conceivable that no one in that conference will emerge unscathed. If that scenario plays out Boise will probably be heading the BCS championship game. But hold on, there could be another monkey wrench in the system. If Ohio State or Penn State go undefeated (stick with me here), both ranked ahead of Boise, we could be looking at a Big Ten – Boise St. championship game. Do you think there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth then?! Everyone hates the Big Ten right now and if they were in the championship game with a non-automatic qualifier it would be universally viewed as a true mythical national championship. Heads would roll, there would be calls for complete overhaul of the system immediately. If that does happen I'm not sure if even Darth Delany could hold back the winds of change. The discussion of an "and one" system would probably take traction and at least that gets us a step closer to a true national champion.

Make it happen, universe.

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jd said...

don't underestimate the power of the dark side.

having a psu-boise MNC would be face-melting awesome, if not just for the fury incurred from the media.