Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blue & White Roundtable Primer

Ok boys and girls, this week I was tasked* to write the questions for the Blue & White Roundtable so here they are. Since I have to do a round-up sometime Thursday I'll leave the answers to the other guys. If you would like to answer in the comment(s) section and I like your particular answer I'll be more than happy to include your opinion. So if you love Al Golden and wish to defend his honor by all means, fire away. If I like it, I'll add it to the roundup on Thursday.

-Temple lost over half of their offensive line and their starting QB from a team that didn't have much of an offense anyway (107th in total offense in the country) do they have a realistic shot at moving the ball against Penn State's defense?

-Homework time! You'll have to dig deep and be creative for this one: name something about this Temple team that scares you (ok scare may be a bit much… how about gives you pause).

-Temple lost to Villanova in week one on the last play of the game. If you'll remember that also happened to Temple twice last season: bad luck or bad coaching?

Quick Hits

-True or False: Penn State holds Temple under 200 yards of total offense?

-True or False: Temple goes bowling this season?

-On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being "totally sucked" and 10 being "awesomeness of epic levels" – how did the Michigan victory over Chuck Weis make you feel last week? Be honest!

*By "tasked" I mean no one else wanted to


jd said...

1) temple will move the ball against psu. just not in the first 2-3 quarters.

2) what scares me most about this temple team is if they are constantly stuffing our running game. because if temple can stop us....

3) neither. temple just doesn't have that confidence to win yet. look what happenned to buffalo on monday. i don't care what the bible or hollywood says, usually goliath wins.

4) false.

5) i rate my notre dame schadenfraude on a set scale:

10 out of 10: navy (or any service acadamy)
9 out of 10: syracuse, PSU
2-8 out of ten: almost everyone else
0-1 out of 10: USC. and that's because i'm a generous person. and the scale doesn't go negative.

as for michigan? i'll give them a seven, just because they quashed the "ND is going to the BCS Championship" bandwagon early.

PSUgirl said...

good point about the "quashing" - but it's still michigan

Galen said...

ohhh.... typo/grammar police alert!

jd said...

rats- a set scale that includes variation.

you got me....