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Blue and White Roundtable Roundup: let us never speak of this again

I thought not actually answering the questions and doing a roundup of the B&W roundtable would be easy. Jesus was I wrong, this was the most time consuming thing I've done in a long, long time. All the participants are listed below and we have a rouge on our hands: PSUGIRL from 2 The Lion Football:

I thought it was fitting to renew my tradition of posting some "unauthorized" answers to the weekly Blue and White Roundtable.

Oh, Heeeellllll no, consider yourself "official" now!

Nittany Lounge
We Want the Lion
W. F. Yurasko
Happy Hour Valley
Penn State Clips
Zombie Nation
Nittany Whiteout
2 The Lion Football

-Temple lost over half of their offensive line and their starting QB from a team that didn't have much of an offense anyway (107th in total offense in the country) do they have a realistic shot at moving the ball against Penn State's defense?

-Nittany Lounge got all wordy and statistical-ly on us pointing out that QB Vaughn Charlton completed 19 passes for 317 yards and gave us a (WOW!) which that most certainly is. But he points out that time of possession and a lack of running game will be there doom.

Low ToP for Temple – No Running Game – Short passes, few first downs

-I'll assume Happy Hour Valley was using hyperbole when answering:

If Akron's "hi-octane passing attack" and Syracuse's "stallion" couldn't move the ball effectively against us, what makes one think that Temple of all teams will have any more success?

If by "hi-octane" he means E-85 then yes it is a hi-octane offense.

-Zombie Nation doesn't really buy into the Vaughn Charlton's numbers:

Villanova doesn't exactly have NFL talent along its defensive line, or in the linebackers. Unless Temple quarterback Vaughn Charlton is night-and-day better this Saturday, don't expect the Owls to cross the goal line... again.

Ooooohhh…. is that a shutout prediction!?!

-Nittany Whiteout who got all Bill Cosby on our asses uses statistics (DAMN STATISTICS!!) to drive the point home that the Owls have not fared so well against Penn State in the past.

In 2008 the Owls had 16 rushing yards and 138 total offensive yards. In 2007 at the Linc Temple had 242 yards (4 rushing). In 2006 they obtained 282 yards (16 rushing). If this is a trend, it is a bad omen for the Owls.

-2 The Lion Football mentions something that I've noticed this season and that's the emergence of Josh Hull.

Lee seems to be back to full speed+ and Hull seems to have taken some sort of agility/quickness potion during the off season (perhaps he draws strength from the wicked new mustache).

Cue gratuitous pic!

-We Want the Lion says Temple's badness scares them... and by badness I don'tmean BAD I mean craptastic.
That's the other thing that scares us about Temple, they appear on the schedule the week before Iowa.

But he points out that that's just a copout answer.

-Homework time! You'll have to dig deep and be creative for this one: name something about this Temple team that scares you (ok scare may be a bit much… how about gives you pause).

-Nittany Lounge gets bonus points.

Temple's second team scares me. Looks like a case of the clap ready to happen. What's the with gang hand gestures?

1,000 Yuengling Lagers for you sir!

-W. F. Yurasko is scared of Al Golden, but not for the reasons you would think.

I am scared that Al Golden, the Owls current head coach, will somehow convince Intercollegiate Athletics that he should be the next Penn State coach.

As for those that actually looked for something that is scary, 2 The Lion Football points to Vaughn Charlton, Zombie Nation says it's the D-line, and Nittany Whiteout did a Q&A with Philadelphia Examiner Todd Orodenker, who covers Temple Owls and he believes wide receiver Michael Campell has the skills to test our untested secondary.

-Temple lost to Villanova in week one on the last play of the game. If you'll remember that also happened to Temple twice last season: bad luck or bad coaching?

Winning is an attitude and so is losing. Zombie Nation points out Al Golden has yet to break that habit.

Temple lost three games last year on the final play of the game, and one this season. That's the sure sign of a team that's still learning how to win.

-Happy Hour Valley Suggests that Al Golden was a one-hit-wonder:

Let me make one thing clear: You don't suffer from bad luck when you give an FCS team a chance to beat you at the end of a game, you're suffering from crappy coaching/crappy player execution.

-We Want the Lion thinks it's bad luck.

Last year one of those losses was a last second hail mary by Buffalo and that's just plain bad luck…Teams win this way, and it's not an indictment of the losing team, it's often a bad break. It happens.

-Nittany Lounge says it's all about "location, location, location."

Can we blame Golden for Temple University's location? Twelve feet of sidewalk for a campus doesn't help when it comes to recruiting… The bottom line: Temple loses games (close or not) because of the quality of players.

Quick Hits

-True or False: Penn State holds Temple under 200 yards of total offense?

Nittany Lounge - True
We Want the Lion- True
W. F. Yurasko- False
Happy Hour Valley- True
Zombie Nation- True
Nittany Whiteout- False
2 The Lion Football- False

For the record that's 4 true vs. 3 false: sounds like the panel isn't so sure.

-True or False: Temple goes bowling this season?

Nittany Lounge - True

We Want the Lion- False
W. F. Yurasko- False
Happy Hour Valley- True
Zombie Nation- True
Nittany Whiteout- False
2 The Lion Football- False

Again that's 3 vs. 4 so we're not so sure. I think they will.

-On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being "totally sucked" and 10 being "awesomeness of epic levels" – how did the Michigan victory over Chuck Weis make you feel last week? Be honest!

Nittany Lounge -

Five = "eating cold pizza and drinking stale beer" I have an equally extreme dislike for DickRod and Fat Charlie and I have zero love for Notre Lame and scUM. That puts me right in the middle.

Ok, that's technically not a five, stale beer sucks but cold pizza rocks… in the morning and who drinks beer in the morn… never mind.

We Want the Lion-

It was a 9 until we saw Rich Rod celebrating, then it was a 2.

True, very, very true.

W. F. Yurasko- Five.

Happy Hour Valley – five. And then tells us this.

I don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan either (partly as a result of having family from O-hi-o).

You sir, are off the Christmas card list.

Nittany Whiteout- Admits he's a fan of Michigan:

To me seeing Notre Dame is enjoyable in itself and it does not matter who the coach is; I will enjoy them all the same. Put me down for a solid nine.

We all have our flaws.

2 The Lion Football- 5

good for the big ten, bad for weis and clausen - but still michigan.

-And finally from the comment section:

JD from Glasses of Joe does us some ratings:

I rate my notre dame schadenfraude on a set scale:

10 out of 10: navy (or any service acadamy)

9 out of 10: syracuse, PSU

2-8 out of ten: almost everyone else

0-1 out of 10: USC. and that's because i'm a generous person. and the scale doesn't go negative.

as for michigan? i'll give them a seven, just because they quashed the "ND is going to the BCS Championship" bandwagon early.

Ok, not exactly what I had in mind but it works just the same.

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