Monday, August 10, 2009

The lead balloon was also a good idea

I guess when you are ranked as the #1 party school by the 2009 Princeton Review you end up with things like this.

First-year Penn State students will have to take an online alcohol awareness course as part of a new program designed to combat high-risk drinking.

The students would begin taking the preventative course called "AlcoholEdu for College" before arriving on campus. The program created by Boston-based Outside the Classroom is already used at more than 500 colleges around the country.

A friend of mine led me to this because she has to take it as a new student and ironically she has already taken a couple classes like this because she's a part-time bartender. I had to take a similar class recently (for undisclosed reasons) and I have to say, outside of some interesting things about addiction, I really didn't learn much, it was mostly common sense. What little I've seen of this course leads me to believe that it will be the same thing. Online classes are not the answer to binge drinking, if they are really serious about it they would make them take a mandatory class where they actually have instructors and interaction, but knowing Penn State they would just shove everyone into a giant auditorium and play a recorded presentation.

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