Thursday, July 30, 2009

Penn State players get their drink on

Penn State is living up to its #1 ranking as the top party school (suck it Florida – you may have SEC speed but we have Big Ten tolerance) as two more players have been cited for alcohol related offenses. First, as reported by FOS and linked by PSU Blog Mafia (would that be a Blogfia?) Black Shoe Diaries Ako Poti was arrested for DUI on July 12th. Originally there were few details just a mention of a traffic violation that led to the DUI arrest. Not to toot my own horn, but I stated in the comment section of BSD that Ako was probably out late at night on his way home and a cop pulled him over solely because it was late and used the bullshit traffic violation as an excuse to nail him for DUI. Well as it turns out I was right.

At about 3 a.m. July 12, police charged senior reserve offensive tackle Isaako "Ako" Poti, 1400 Martin Street, with DUI after he registered a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .112 percent, the State College Police Department said.

Poti was also charged with driving on roadways laned for traffic, police said. He made a turn onto North Atherton Street without using his turn signals and drifted into the right lane, police said.

First off, let me just state for the record that Ako was driving under the influence and I don't condone that it's wrong and trust me, I'm someone that can attest to that, but don't tell me they pulled him over because he "failed to use his turn signal" they pulled him over because it was 3 a.m. plain and simple. Do you know how many people I see failing to use their turn signal on a daily basis, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't see at least 6 or more people failing to use their turn signal, hell this morning I was behind a local cop that didn't use his turn signal. Actually, although I'm a turn signal zealot, I was once pulled over for the same thing but like this case it had less to do with the turn signal and more to do with me accelerating by a slow car to about 90 on my bike, but I digress. Ako should get the dog house for failing to understand that if you're drinking you shouldn't be driving and for Christ's sake don't be driving at 3 AM.

But Ako wasn't the only Lion to run into trouble:

Glenn A. Carson, 26 Popper Street, Manahawakin, N.J., was charged with public drunkenness and underage drinking in connection with a July 25 incident that occurred at the intersection of Burrowes Road and Pollock Road, Penn State police said.

Carson is an incoming linebacker recruit and I can forgive the "underage drinking – public drunkenness" sort of thing because who among hasn't done either? For those of you that believe in the hardass, nail 'em all to the wall kind of discipline this was in incoming recruit, someone that wasn't even on the team yet, don't get mad at Paterno if he slaps the kid on the wrist.


HHV said...

Wow, getting an underage the summer before freshman year, can't help but see shades of my younger brother (he's a senior, now) in Carson. Congrats to him.

M1EK said...

Underage drunkening = pull him aside and tell him to be smarter about where he dronks.

DUI = mandatory suspension.

There's no need to be drunk driving in State College - except of course that the prohibitionists keep trying to push drinking off campus. Idiots.

Galen said...

Yeah, underage that quick is a pretty good sign that you got a partier on your hands.

Couldn't agree more although I'm not one to talk I have a DUI but I'll be the first to admit it was stupid.