Thursday, May 21, 2009

Would Jim Delany please shut up?

I wanted to post an initial reaction to this but I thought it would be a better idea to sleep on it so I don't… you know… start rambling on incoherently but the more I thought about it… well… I should have just posted it because it's about to get very unintelligible. Jimmy boy felt he needed to respond to President Barack Obama's push for a playoff.

"It's very hard to be disagreeable with a popular president," Delany said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "He's a scholar and a lawyer and a great politician, but I don't think he understands the complexity of the issue."

Delany wasn't done; adding in jest that Obama should stick with college basketball, where he correctly picked North Carolina would win the 2009 national title.

Let me preface this by saying I didn't vote for Barack but unlike Oxycotton and Big Mac addict Rush Limbaugh, I want him to succeed because if he fails we all do and most of us are out of a job and what sane person would want that. We can all agree that Obama is a very intelligent and charismatic guy even if you disagree with the polices, he's very smart. So yeah, onto Jim's comments. <extreme sarcasm> Yes a playoff is very complicated, way more complicated than say…

A) the GLOBAL economy
B) a war in a far off middle east country
C) a failing health care system
D) a social security system plummeting toward bankruptcy
E) delicate foreign relations with countries that have nuclear missiles pointed at us.

There's no WAY the president of the most powerful nation in the world could fathom the intricacies of a college football playoff, it's just too complex for him to understand. </extreme sarcasm>

GOD Delany you are such an arrogant ASS. Jim, do us all a favor and just shut the fuck up! Just don't say anything. When someone shoves a mic in front of you don't speak, don't say "no comment" just wave your hand and walk away. You are the most blatantly transparent man; everyone knows all you care about are the truck loads of money you can fleece off the BCS for your conference. You're a terrible spokesperson for your conference and a terrible liar. Why do you continue to make the most asinine statements at the most inopportune time?!?! WHY? Every time the Big Ten's image is damaged you open your mouth and make things MUCH worse. Remember when OSU got destroyed by Florida in the championship game making the Big Ten look weak and you felt the appropriate response was attack the SEC's admission standards!?!? You made yourself and the Big Ten the butt-end of jokes around the intertubes. Just stop it.

Here's my plan. Hire a spokesperson for the office of the commissioner of the Big Ten. This person will do all of the talking for you. You don't say a damn word, not one. But that's not all, we don't want your illogical comments going straight through to said spokesperson you need a filter. Hire the best, and I mean the BEST PR guy available. Send all of your comments to him so that he can decipher the meaning, reword, and relay them to the spokesperson so that they don't come out as an egotistical assault. I'm no PR guy but let me show you how easy it is to not sound like such a douche.

"It's very hard to be disagreeable with a popular president, He's a scholar and a lawyer and a great politician, but implementing a playoff system is a very daunting task and it would be a very complex process, one that I think most university presidents are not willing to undergo. But it is obvious by the president's ability to pick the NCAA Men's college basketball tournament winner, that he has a deep understanding of college sports and I respect that.

See how much less assholeish that is?!?!? See how you wouldn't have shown your ass if you had worded it that way? It's not that difficult.






Anonymous said...

Not trying to defend limp balls, but he sed he hopes Obama's policies fail. He sed he doesnt want obama as a man to fail, cuz he could still turn into a right winger.

limp balls still a loser, though....

PATRICK said...

Actually I think the dumbest part of the comment is that the President DOESN'T need to know the complexities of implementing a playoff. He just wants a playoff of some sort. There are plenty of people who will be paid good money to figure out the complexities of the system. Just like Obama will say that we need more troops in Afghanistan. He's not responsible for issuing tactical commands to the military.

The JuggerNitt said...

I think what Delaney meant is that Obama doesn't understand the intricacies of being a money grubbing whore, while trying to appear to want the best for the sport.

Galen said...

well said JuggerNitt!

+10 Yinglings for you sir