Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why can’t our football players keep from getting high?

You would think that after watching Maurice Evans completely annihilate his chances of an NFL career by smoking some weed his teammates would learn a lesson. Apparently not.

Penn State police searched an on-campus apartment of four football players for marijuana the night of last month's Blue-White spring football game, according to court records obtained Monday.

So who were the four players?

An application for search warrant identifies the apartment residents as Stephfon Green, Devon Still, Eric Latimore and Johnnie Troutman.

Yeah, kinda… sorta.. important. But wait there's still more. It was a police setup right? I mean they weren't doing anything to draw attention to themselves right?

According to the affidavit, police responded to a report of a loud party at Nittany Apartments. After arriving, police heard a fire alarm and ''detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana'' near the apartment, the affidavit states.After knocking on the door and receiving no response, police entered the apartment ''for health and safety reasons,'' the affidavit states.

Oh, so it was a loud party…. With FIRE ALARMS GOING OFF!!!! WTF?!? Who is so Goddamned stupid to sit around smoking pot while fire alarms are going off?!?! But the pot was well hidden you ask?

Upon entering, police observed marijuana ''in plain view in the kitchen,'' the affidavit states.

Just amazing. The affidavit does not say if any of the players were present but if they were there should be some fallout from this. Not only was it stupid to smoke pot when you have such a bright future but to do it in such a brazen way is completely unforgivable.

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