Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fight Club 2009

It's been quiet lately, too quiet. Penn State Football players haven't been in the police report in a very, very long time but that's about to change according to the CDT:

A Penn State football defensive tackle has been cited for disorderly conduct after allegedly throwing a punch during a shoving match Feb. 28 with passers-by on the 100 block of South Atherton Street, police said.

State College police cited 21-year-old Jared T. Odrick after they say the alleged victims looked up Odrick's photo on the Penn State football team Web site and then called police to report the incident.

The argument allegedly started as a verbal altercation near the entrance to the Graduate apartment building at 138 S. Atherton St., police said. It then turned into a pushing match and Odrick threw one closed-fist punch, police said.

Odrick left the scene, police said, and police were later contacted after several people found Odrick's photo online. Alcohol is suspected to have been a factor.

Ok, so there was some drinking, a verbal disagreement which escalated into pushing and shoving which ended with Odrick throwing A punch. Unless it was a "Little Mac" uppercut, one that puts your opponent down for the count, I would say that Odrick did very little damage.

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I'm not a Penn State apologist and I never have been but this one is really weak. This isn't a mob beatdown or even a fight it was one punch. One. It's so innocuous that the police are filing disorderly conduct because they know a charge of assault would never stick. My guess is we won't hear much from this. I see something like this nearly every weekend end without the police getting involved.


jd said...

someone threw a punch at them. at 140 in the morning. alcohol was involved. it was dark out.

when did this college turn into a bunch of pussies? i graduated in 2003, and saw far worse and didn't feel the need to get the police involved. most of the time, the cop told me to leave.

given the details presented and i were odrick, i would fight this.

oops, pun not intended.

Mike @ ZN said...

BWI is saying that this will not affect his status in any way with the team...

M1EK said...

This IS what the homerfucks SAID the Meridian incident was. Nothing to worry about, in other words.

Galen said...

I don't know what "homerfucks" you were listening to but there's a huge difference between calling up 10 of your friends, breaking down an apartment door, beating the shit out of a group of guys and throwing one punch. Sorry I wholeheartedly disagree with you on this one. Paterno should punish him for throwing a punch but the legal system shouldn’t even be involved. Like I said, if the cops were called every time a punch was thrown on a Friday night in my hometown they’d have to increase the police staff X 10 because I see punches thrown almost every weekend.

M1EK said...


You misread my comment - I agree completely; I was pointing out that the homerfucks were trying to pass off the Meridian thing last year as "just a fight", which is what THIS thing really is.

Trying to call attention to the difference between the two.

Where were you on BSD if you felt this strongly in apparently the same way I did, by the way? It was pretty lonely out there as even RUTS let me twist in the wind like a pinata.

Galen said...


Ah, now I see, I misread your comments.

I landed somewhere in the middle of the whole Meridian thing at first but as more and more info came out I was pretty disgusted by the few guys that were involved. I never thought it was “just a fight” but I wasn’t ready to believe that all the guys arrested were actually involved. I still think Justin King was just trying to make piece. The rest should have been kicked off the team, at least anyone that entered the building and threw a punch.