Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Penn State loses to Michigan again…

…in attendance that is. For the third straight year Penn State has finished 2nd in average attendance.

Penn State drew an average of more than 108,200 fans for its seven home football games in 2008. According to recently released figures from the NCAA, that was recond among major college football programs behind only Michigan's average of about 108,500.

The 2008 season average was 650 fans less per game than the 2007 season. If you remember, Penn State is the largest stadium in North America, BIGGER than Michigan's Big House, so how in the Hell could a team with a smaller stadium, who went 3-9 average more fans per game than a team that won the Big Ten?

Wait for it….

Michigan's Home Schedule
Utah (13-0)
Miami (Ohio)
Michigan State

Penn State's Home Schedule
Coastal Carolina
Oregon State (9-4)
Michigan State

*Best records in bold, red indicate FCS team

It's no mystery, we don't need a team from CSI to painstakingly sift through the remains or Jack Bower's terrorist interrogation methods to find an answer...

I assure you Mr Curley, schedule a team like Coastal Carolina again and your attendance won’t be the only thing that suffers.

...when you schedule absolute SHIT TEAMS for OOC home games people aren't going to come and when you schedule the (oh by the way undefeated) Utah's of the world, well you are going to fill the seats even when your team is going through the worst record in its proud history. This ain't rocket science it's business and the business of scheduling horrible teams will only last as long as the Big Ten Championships do. Better keep winning Tim Curley or things are going to go south really, really fast.


formerlyanonymous said...

fwiw, all of the attendance numbers are pure estimates. they also include players, bands, trainers, media, mascots, and vendors. the utah game at michigan was about the same % packed as the oregon state game was for you guys. the toledo, miami games were probably on par for your CC and temple games. people just dont care if its not conference games. id be interested to see the leader of just conference game attendance figures. they are just as meaningless, but i think it would be pretty close between the two school. i think the UM @ PSU game would probably give PSU the edge.

formerlyanonymous said...

also, michigan has scheduled delaware state this year (as in not deleware, the "good fcs team."

Galen said...

I understand but really the point I'm driving at (and have been so for over a the last couple years) is I'd rather play Utah and Notre Dame than Coastal and Temple. I'm not paying a boat load of money to see Penn State's home schedule until they start bringing in decent matchups.

formerlyanonymous said...

cosign from a michigan fan looking at his schedule this year.