Friday, January 30, 2009

You got me out of bed for this: PSU finalizes its 2009 schedule

There's a reason I gave up my tickets last season and although I never saw one live game of Penn State's march to a Big Ten championship, I have no regrets. None. This season the administration has decided to further validate my misgivings about the horrible schedule as they have finalized this piece of shit:

2009 Penn State Football Schedule
Sept. 5 AKRON
Sept. 19 TEMPLE
Sept. 26 IOWA (1)
Oct. 3 at Illinois
Oct. 17 MINNESOTA (2)
Oct. 24 at Michigan
Oct. 31 at Northwestern
Nov. 21 at Michigan State
(1) All-University/Varsity "S" Day
(2) Homecoming

(emphasis on the "out of conference schedule" is mine) Can you say crap, crap and more crap? News flash for the powers that be: you may be selling tickets and making money but that ass-rape you received by the likes of USC will continue if you don't start scheduling somebody with a pulse. Here's how it's gonna go, let me break it down for ya one time: PSU will plow through the first three games like a bulldozer through a wall of pudding and then will hit Iowa and realize, probably far too late, that the cupcakes (wait… those teams can't even be categorized as cupcakes, you need milk to eat cupcakes or you might choke… more like bowls of Cool Whip)

Penn State's 2009 OOC schedule

...the bowls of Cool Whip you scheduled aren't in the same league as Big Ten teams. Good luck with that and have fun getting tossed around in the Big Ten. At least you'll have 4 wins for sure. I'm not even going over to tailgate at Eastern Illinois; it's not even worth the effort. You want to know how utterly pathetic this schedule is? The official site of Penn State athletics, those that can polish a turd to the highest sheen, don't even MENTION Eastern Illinois in their new release of the 2009 schedule, but they do mention this:

In 2010, old rival Alabama returns to Penn State's schedule. The traditional powers will meet Sept. 11, 2010 in Tuscaloosa and on Sept. 10, 2011 in Beaver Stadium. During the 2012-13 seasons, Virginia returns to the Nittany Lions' slate.

You KNOW your schedule is total suck-ass-crap when your administration's mentioning the 2010 schedule in a release about the 2009 schedule. Wretched, pitiful, despicable, shameful – you pick your favorite adjective, anyone will fit, they should be ashamed.


Mike @ ZN said...

Bravo Galen! The BigTen overall needs to start scheduling two or more top-tier BCS teams EACH SEASON. That's the only way we'll get any sort of respect back.

drozz said...

i blame jim delaney.

i was lucky enough to score OreSU tickets last year. If they were not on the schedule, I would not have made it to happy valley last year.

if there was need of further proof on $$$ impacting the course of college football, this is it.

Mike @ ZN said...

CFB is suffering just as much financially as the Wall Street firms that are handing out $18 billion in bonuses. CFB heads are claiming things are bad, but those at the top are doin' just fine.

Galen said...

CFB is the greatest game known to man, we as fans should demand better then this, we deserve it.

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