Thursday, January 08, 2009

JoePa loses his glasses… again

The bronzed statue of Joe Paterno has, yet again, been vandalized as some complete moron cut the coke-bottle thick glasses off the head of the statue.

Vandals apparently cut the glasses off just above the base of the ears of the 7-foot sculpture between 11 a.m. Friday and 11 a.m. Saturday, when a police officer noticed the damage.

The school plans to replace the glasses, though assistant athletic director Jeff Nelson said it is unclear how much that might cost.

Just stop. Stop it, it's not funny, it wasn't funny the first time, just stop being total fucking idiots. I pray you show those off to someone with a big mouth and this gets taken care of, not in the court of law, but buy angry Penn State fans. I'm not about lawless vigilantly justice but sometimes a vicious asskicking sends the right message, if you know what I mean.


drozz said...

i was at psu when the baby pig was stolen, and a subsequent reward was offered for the return. walked into an appartment of a friend of a friend, and by gum, there it was, prominently displayed on the coffee table.

24 hours later, the piglet was returned to police custody.

hopefully, the universal norm regarding the stupidity of college students will hold true, assuming it was one of them.

however, it would be interesting to find out that personnel from MSU ran off with the item. i wrote that it would be a good trophy to play for, but did not intend for the glasses to be taken illegally.

Galen said...

Yeah, had the glasses disappeared before a game I would have thought it was by a rival school, but I’d bet it was just some stupid Penn State student that had a little too much to drink.

drozz said...

im not sure...

the piglet was kind of loose from the statue, and could have easily been ripped off. further, its location downtown made it easily accessable.

how well were the glasses eattached? the article states that the glasses were "cut off", indicating that someone needed at least some pliers, or a hacksaw. college kids are only this adept or motivated when adapting bong (beer or weed) technology.

Galen said...

They are pretty thick, thick enough that you would need a hacksaw.

Mark said...

I love how everyone jumps to the conclusion that it was students when 99.9% of students are still home on Christmas break. I think there's a pretty good chance it wasn't students.

Galen said...

You make a good point, it may not be a student. Really it doesn't matter, whoever it was was a complete dumbass.