Friday, January 16, 2009

Disaster avoided, you may resume your normal life

Penn State's best recruiter and manufacturer of NFL D lineman has decided to stay at Penn State.

Larry Johnson, who has recruited 11 of the 23 commitments on Penn State's docket for signing letters of intent next month, has spurned a lucrative offer from Ron Zook and decided Penn State is where he belongs.

No telling if the university will give him anything for staying, knowing the smug attitude the athletic department has they probably won't. Everyone can breathe again things are gonna be ok. Hell this news is worth a dancin' monkey.


Anonymous said...

That's a dancing monkey? Looks more like a (..fill in the blank) ____________________________ .

drozz said...

.....dancing monkey?

Galen said...

Hey, the dancing monkey is a mainstay here at TNL, if you can't laugh at that you have no soul

hanajung said...

nice for share
your monkey is very cute eiei ^_^

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