Friday, December 05, 2008

We want the lion… to stop drinking!

As most of you know James Sheep, the man currently playing the role of the Nittany Lion, was charged with DUI the weekend of the Michigan State game. Well the university has spoken and he will not be dressing as the lion for the rest of 2008 and Rose Bowl.

The university says Sheep will not participate in school events or attend the Rose Bowl game or events. Penn State cheerleading coach Curt White says Sheep will resume his duties in 2009.

But fear not oh loyal Lion follower the Lion will be at the Rose bowl.

The school says another member of the cheerleading squad will serve as mascot until Sheep returns.

God, not only do Penn State players have a drinking problem but even our mascot does. I'm just glad he didn't punch anyone.

You think this is tough, try doing it with a screaming hangover!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what his BAC was after he "blue" into the breathalyzer...

Galen said...

*cymbal crash*

*sound of crickets chirping*