Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pat Devlin transferring; no longer with team

This leaves a gigantic hole at quarterback but I can understand Devlin's decision.

Pat Devlin is transferring from No. 6 Penn State, leaving the Nittany Lions short a backup quarterback headed into the Rose Bowl.

The sophomore informed coach Joe Paterno of his intention, the team said Wednesday night in a brief statement.

"The Penn State football program wishes him well at his new school," the statement said.

Devlin saw the writing on the wall: this is Penn State and the upperclassmen play before the younger guys, that's been Joe's M.O. since he started coaching 300 years ago. If he is ever going to play he needs to transfer now so he has some time left. Now the coaches have a gigantic task ahead of them, they MUST sign several quarterbacks in the next class because after next season the only actual quarterback on the team is Matthew McGloin.


M1EK said...

I guess I should have included you in the few non-Kool-Aid-drinkers. Rectifying now...

Galen said...

I've been sayin' for years that Paterno is loyal to a fault and here we see the outcome. In the case of MRob it worked out for him in this case, not so much.

jd said...

Matt who?