Monday, November 03, 2008

Penn State passed by Tech in BCS, panic soon to set in

Fresh off their last minute second victory over #1 Texas, Texas Tech jumped from 7th to 2nd in the BCS. The AP (which has NOTHING to do with the MNC) voted the same way and moved Tech to #2. The AP is understandable, it's comprised of a bunch of writers that are barely intelligent enough to walk and chew gum at the same time but the BCS has me miffed. Both the Harris and USA Today Coaches poll have Penn State in 2nd place but the computers (damn those computers!!) have PSU in fourth. I'll remind the class that the BCS is calculated using the Harris, Coaches and computer average. So right now Penn State trails Texas Tech and this is sure to send a few Nittany Nation fans into a tizzy but don't panic yet. Tech has a brutal schedule and if just one team can find something that resembles a defense against them they will lose. Alabama, whose 'big wins' over Clemson and Georgia are looking less and less impressive, still have to play LSU in Death Valley this week. Throw in the fact that both teams have to play a quality opponent in their respective championship games (no one wants to play Florida right now) and it's easy to imagine that Penn State may be the only undefeated team left at season's end. Penn State needs to go out the last three weeks and take care of business; the rest will play itself out.

Go Lions!


drozz said...

when the over/under is set at 73.5, it doesn't speak well of the defenses for either team.

and they almost beat it. these teams cannot play 4 quarters of defense.

but yeah, they are better thanus.

drozz said...

"than us". although the combination admittedly looks funny.

donvey lindsey said...

the big twelve and the big ten are over rated

Galen said...

Honestly the AP moving Tech to 2nd made me laugh their hatred of PSU is so damn transparent.

Mike Pigott said...

I believe my boys will walk through LSWho?, The Bulldogs of Starkganistan, and The Center for Eastern Alabama Bovine Studies. Florida is a whole different beast. I don't know if Bama can do it.

Don't sweat TT. They'll lose to Oklahoma.