Tuesday, November 18, 2008

JoePa Outruns Temptation

Erin Andrews chatted with radio host/potential Erin Andrews stalker Dan Patrick on his show today and talked a little JoePa.

Dan Patrick – When is it a nightmare for you?
Erin Andrews – Um, probably about four years ago, when Joe Paterno outran me.
DP – [Laughs] He’s got a bad hip, Erin.
EA – This was before the hip, Dan. I swear.
DP – Oh ok, so he’s 78 at the time and doesn’t have the bad hip and he outran you?
EA – and I’m 5’10”. Um, yeah, it was at the Wisconsin game. I really thought they were going another way and then when I realized, “Holy cow, JoePa’s over there.” I just started sprinting. I got to him. I grabbed him. He gave this forearm, Scott Stevens forearm shiver and I was like, “Well I guess we’re not getting anything. Ron, back up to you."
DP – But, but a lot of its…
EA – Stay classy, San Diego. But, yeah worst thing that’s ever happened, Joe Paterno outran me.

Paging, Oops Pow Surprise. Your genius is needed to properly dramatize this situation.


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photo from Jim Davidson at The Ozone