Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em: Week 12

Ooohhhh, you doubted… you laughed… some even mocked, but there's no denying the genius of THE quarter. Oh, it's an evil genius but it's brilliance nonetheless. Sure I'm beating him overall, but he got the one game right that everyone doubted. It was a bold pick to say the least. Hate him all you want but you can't deny him.

Last Week
Me: 4-2
THE 'evil mastermind' quarter: 2-4

Season (against the quarter)
Me: 7-4
THE quarter: 4-7

Let's light the lamp and move on to this week's games.

Minnesota at Wisconsin
Would someone please tell me how Minnesota is 7-3… please. They are 75th in the country in total offense 43rd in passing offense and 94th in rushing offense, how do they beat teams? Actually I know, they lead the Big Ten and are 3rd in the nation in turnover margin. How'd that work out for them the last two weeks when they didn't have the turnover advantage… uh yeah… loss loss. Chalk another one up this week against a team that likes to control (read: protect) the ball.
TNL's Trooper: Wisconsin
THE diabolical quarter's pick: Wisconsin

Purdue at Iowa
You know what... the universe hates me and I know how it works. Just to piss me off more than I was this week, after Iowa beats Penn State you watch… those sons abitches will lose to Purdue. YOU MARK MY WORDS; they'll come out still drunk off beating the #3 team in the nation and will lay and egg against lowly Purdue I just know it. On paper this game should be an easy win for Iowa but I know how the universe works. Universe 2 Galen 0.
TNL's Trooper: Purdue
THE Quarter's pick: Iowa

Northwestern at Michigan
I said last week that everything tells me that Michigan is finding itself late in the season and I was right. I think this team is starting to mature and they really have nothing to play for other than the spoiler roll and sometimes that's all a team needs. Northwestern is coming off a 'back to reality' 45-10 thumping at the hands of Ohio State and I don't think they are the better team in this one.
TNL's Trooper: Michigan
THE Quarter's pick: Northwestern

No. 11 Ohio State at Illinois
Let's see, Illinois upset Ohio State last season so there's revenge on the Buckeye's minds. Illinois just got beat by a MAC team and Ohio State just found its offense. Ohio State is playing for a BCS bowl game and the Fighting Zookers are playing for just a bowl berth. Oh and Terrelle Pryor is on a mission:

"November decides where you go, point blank, period," Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor said. "OK, we lost to Penn State and it's a big deal. Now if we lose to Illinois or Michigan, that's going to tear our seniors apart and I don't want that to happen.

"I won't let that happen."

Yeah, I think the choice is an obvious one.
TNL's Trooper: THE Pot Leaves
THE quater's Pick: Ohio State

Indiana at No. 8 Penn State
Let's just say I think Penn State is out to prove something this weekend. Ok, maybe not prove so much as take out their frustrations. I've been wrong in the past but I just have a gut feeling on this one. The Nittany Lions big.
TNL's Trooper: Penn State
THE Quarter's pick: Indiana (oooooooooooooooo… again!)


PSUgirl said...

I'm telling you right now - you better get that coin in the quarter protection program.

I've got a European 20 cent coin that's ready to kick the nickel right out of the quarter and make it wish it had never been minted.

drozz said...

put that quarter on the railroad track.....

Galen said...

I think the quarter went to Pitt.