Monday, October 20, 2008

PSU Review: Michigan

TNL said: 42-10 (PSU)
Actual Score: 46-17 (PSU)

So it turned out close to what I thought but I never thought Michigan would put up more than 10 points but Penn State's defense had a hard time stopping the ground game. I have to be honest, I didn't watch from the end of the first quarter till about half way through the third because I couldn't take it. I could not sit there and watch Penn State lose to a team as horrible as Michigan. I could not sit there and watch Michigan (a team that came in worst in the nation in turnover ratio) bring their fucking 'A' game against Penn State… AGAIN. I walked away from the tailgate and basically just walked around. If you were in the parking lot during the game and saw a very perturbed, irritated person walking around aimlessly and mumbling to himself it was probably me. Let me just say this, if they play like that at Ohio State next Saturday they will get their asses handed to them on a plate. If you thought stopping Brandon Minor (125 yards) and Steven Threet (62 yards) from running the ball was tough wait till they have to stop someone good like say…. Terrelle Pryor and Beanie Wells.


Two words: Evan Royster. Royster ran for 176 yards on 18 carries for an eye-popping 9.7 yards per carry. He broke tackles all day and his 44 yard touchdown run in the first stopped the bleeding as Michigan jumped out to a 10-0 lead. Daryll Clark had an average day only throwing for 171 yards but he didn't get sacked and he didn't throw any Int's so we'll take it. Michigan's D couldn't contain Deon Butler, he had a great day catching 8 for 105 yards.


Looking at the stats, one would think that the defense had a great day; they held Michigan to 89 yards passing and to 291 total yards but this was a horrible effort. They gave up 202 yards on the ground and Michigan exposed Penn State by going with a no-huddle which seemed to confuse them. I don't know why it took PSU so long to make adjustments but by the time they started taking control of the game Michigan had 17 points. Like I said, this is Michigan, one of the worst offenses in the Big Ten; if Penn State played Ohio State Saturday they would have been down by 4 or 5 scores. Penn State will have to do a much better job if they want to win in Columbus.

Special Teams

Kevin Kelly was 3 of 4 but his lone miss was at the most inopportune time. It was a 45 yarder with 6:00 to go in the second that would have given Penn State some momentum. Jeremy Boone actually outkicked Zoltan Mesko averaging 44.7 yards per punt with one inside the 20. Chaz Powell had a 43 yard kickoff return and the coverage team did their part although Michigan doesn't really scare anybody in the return department.


It was a 29 point win but it was ugly at the start. If Penn State wants to be in the discussion for a MNC they will have to play much better than they did Saturday. Now they get the toughest game on their schedule when they travel to Columbus to take on an Ohio State team that just got done dismantling a very good Michigan State team. If they play sloppy defense like they did against Michigan the OSU game will be over before halftime. I'm officially in the 'scared as Hell' department.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you "scared as hell". Before last Saturday, I thought we were going to beat the crap out of OSU. Now, not so much. They destroyed Michigan State (who we will not destroy) and Michigan really exposed some problem areas on our team.

So, "scared as hell" is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

TIED FOR 100 for schedule strength.

Anonymous said...

We'll be fine. I was worried about the middle of the d-line and the backers in terms of stopping the run when facing some of the better running teams in the big-ten, such as Wisc. and OSU. However, I dont think we were prepared for Threet to run the ball on Saturday, he's not exactly a dual-threat quarterback. Once we made the adjusments and tinkered with the personnel we were fine. We'll be alright this Saturday. Key to the game: stop the OSU run and make Pryor throw, because I don't think he can. I'm actually driving to the game. Will be a long ride back if things don't go right; BUT that won't happen :). LETS GO STATE!

Oh, and that OSU fan above can go to hell! See you Saturday ass-wipe

drozz said...

if you are going to attempt to throw some trash in the psu direction, at least have the stones to leave your name so that we can properly reply.

while pryor might be a gifted runner, he still has to prove himself as a quarterback who can pass the ball. psu keeps him in the pocket and we have a real chance of victory.

i hate to complain with our qb'ing, but does anyone think that clark is starting to hold onto the ball too long? this is starting to concern me.

lastly, how is laurinitis doing this year? i haven't heard anything from him this year ever since he got his larynx kicked in by usc. and then was run over. repeatedly. most overrated lb ever.

Galen said...

lastly, how is laurinitis doing this year?

He's doing fine, it's Tuesday and he just got credited with 5 more solo tackles from the game Saturday.

I hadn't noticed Clark holding onto the ball too long but you may be right I'm kind of still conditioned from 2 years of Anthony Morelli holding onto the ball too long x 10

drozz said...

thru 8 games he has 78 tackles, 2.5sacks, 3 tfl, and 1 int.

fine? maybe.

hype worthy (aj hawk, poz, etc.)? no.

like i said, i hate to complain about clark, especially given the past 2 years.