Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blue & White Roundtable: the ‘It’s payback time’ edition

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Penn State is undefeated and ranked #3 in both major polls. Have they been tested yet?

I think we can officially put to bed the "haven't been tested" talk for the season. Penn State has faced and stopped one of the best passing teams in the Big Ten (Purdue) one of the best running teams (Wisconsin) and a super athletic offense (Illinois). While the offense hasn't faced any great defenses yet they have faced a pretty good one in Wisconsin and hey they've rung up no fewer than 20 points in any game, what more could you ask?

What unit or player is most responsible for the Nittany Lions success this season?

This is an easy question – both lines. Sure Clark and Royster are awesome and the wide receivers are having their way with opposing D's but it all starts and ends with the offensive and defensive lines. On the offensive side of things Clark is getting plenty of time to throw and the running backs are getting huge holes to run through, this offense wouldn't be putting up half of the numbers it has without the line.

You're a defensive back: this isn't going to end well for you

Hole!?! We need a new term for that much running room

On the defensive side of things, when you have a solid line across the board on both running plays and passing plays it opens up so much more for the defensive coaches. The guys in the middle are clogging up blocking on running plays allowing the linebackers to come in clean, fill gaps and make tackles. The ends are pressuring the quarterback without the need of a blitz, which allows the secondary to get help short and worry about deeper threats. Then there's Aaron Maybin, did I mention him? No? Yeah, he's pretty good.

How can Michigan beat Penn State on Saturday?

Honestly if Michigan plays like they have been they will lose by a lot. If Michigan plays flawlessly and Penn State plays like they have been Michigan looses a closer game. For Michigan to win Saturday they will have to generate a running game to keep Penn State's offense off the field and control the clock and hope for help from PSU. If they are smart they will kick it to Derrick Williams on punts. Yes I said that, hear me out. D.W. seems to have two modus operandi: A. Catch the ball and take it to the house and B. fumble the thing trying to make a difficult catch. Penn State fans will take the good with the bad but it could be a blessing for the Wolverines if B. happens… just watch out for A. Michigan could also exploit Penn State's linebackers by throwing a new wrinkle at them they haven't seen yet. While the linebackers are athletic and good they are inexperienced and might not adjust as quickly as a veteran group would.

Lightning Round

Going up for Homecoming?


What do you think is going through Maurice Evans head these days?

Hopefully: God Damn I'm a stupid idiot who just might have thrown away a lucrative NFL career all because of a little Mary Jane.

Where were you the last time Penn State beat Michigan?

Sorry, all the beer I drank through the dark years has erased that memory from my brain.

Will Joe Paterno be on the sidelines for any of the game?

I highly doubt it, he is really starting to look his age.

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