Monday, August 18, 2008

Somewhere, Kirk Herbstreit nods in agreement

The writers of ESPN The Magazine have dubbed Penn State's student section the best in the land.

In the magazine's August 25 issue, the loud and proud Penn State student section dominated the categories the publication ranked to earn distinction as the nation's Best Overall student section. The Nittany Lions' enthusiastic and passionate fanatics also earned the No. 1 ranking for Most Fun, No. 2 for Most Creative and No. 4 for Loudest student sections in the nation.

The digital version can be found here. Herbstreit has long been a fan of the Penn State student section calling it the most organized in the nation.

"The coordination is off the charts," he said. "I know the Cameron Crazies get a lot of pub. But, what's that, a thousand kids? At Penn State we're talking about 20 times that, all on the same page for every situation on the field. That's nuts.

"They raise the bar every year," added Herbstreit, "Between the White Out and the music they pump in, it's a festival atmosphere."

Color Beano Cook awed as well.

"If you aren't impressed with the White Out, you're probably one of those people who think the moon landing was faked," cracked ESPN's Beano Cook.

Way to go Penn State students! Make us proud.


Captain MaƱana said...

Nice! Well deserved too, as this distinction is earned. High praise from Kirk Herbstreit means a lot because he is pretty objective.

Beano Cook... well we can usually take what he says with a block of salt; besides, it isn't too fashionable to be kissing Notre Dame's ass these days, huh Beano? I'll give him his props here though.

Galen said...

Without a doubt, Herbstreit is my favorite college personality as you say he IS very objective.