Friday, June 06, 2008

Lesson learned?

Penn State football players attended the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics in state college Thursday and for some they've hopefully turned over a new leaf.

"We all make mistakes here and there," said defensive tackle Chris Baker, who is serving two years of probation after pleading guilty last month to three misdemeanor charges in connection with the two fights. "The important thing is to give back to the community and let people know that we're not bad like they think we are."

While it's a second chance for players like Baker, Navorro Bowman and Phil Taylor it appears that it's already a lesson learned by others.

"I feel like it comes with the territory," said quarterback Daryll Clark. "You're not just playing football; you're representing this team, you're representing this campus, you're representing your family, your friends."
"I think it's more of a responsibility of ours because of all the fans we have," Lee said. "If we want to play in front of all these fans, you're gonna have to be a great role model for kids, because they all look up to us. A lot of younger kids have a dream to play for Penn State. I don't think it's an option; I think it's a must."

It's sad that in a team of nearly a 100 guys a few have to tarnish the good name that has been built up over the years. But with any downfall there's always room for redemption and this is a great opportunity for those charged and any other players that may come close to running afoul of the law to redeem themselves. There's still two months until summer practice starts and there's plenty of time for more trouble, let's hope this team has learned from the mistakes of a few. If not Chris Baker has some words of experience for them.

"I would tell them to make wise decisions," Baker said. "If you see things going wrong, get away from it, don't stand around and watch it, because you never know who's watching you."

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