Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We know this: Rich Rod cracks under pressure

So you're one of the hottest coaches in college football, you have one of the most storied programs in the country courting you like you're the hot cheerleader without a prom date and you use Alabama to leverage a new contract but for some reason a couple stuffed shirts can make you sign something you don't want to? That's what coach Dick Rod would have you believe.

Rich Rodriguez says West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin and three members of the university's board of governors pressured him into signing a new contract before the start of the 2007 season, even though it had a $4 million buyout clause he
didn't want.

Huh. Really? So how did they pressure you... Chinese water torture? Kidnap family members?

Rodriguez, who quit after seven seasons at the school, contends he was misled into signing by a variety of promises that were not kept.

Rodriguez said the board members told him last summer that the governor wanted the contract signed before the start of the football season, so he met with [incoming president] Garrison and Walker on Aug. 24.

"And that's the time when [Garrison] said he didn't believe in buyouts, and that he would reduce it anyway, once he took office," Rodriguez testified.

So an incoming board president says 'Hey, sign this $4 Million dollar buyout clause and don't worry, when I'm in office things will change' *wink wink*, right? Is that what we're supposed to believe? Ok, that's a plausible scenario, I don't believe it for a minute but it's possible... It was probably the first buyout clause you signed right?

Rodriguez first agreed to a damages clause in 2002, at the suggestion of agent Rick Davis. WVU would pay $2 million if it fired him, and he would pay WVU the same if he left before his contract expired.

Oh... soooo you're familiar with buyout clauses then. Well you can't argue that the $2 million was a bad deal right?

Under questioning, Rodriguez first said the $2 million buyout was reasonable. He then said it wasn't fair that he should have to pay WVU the same amount it would pay him.

Hmmm... really? Well I still might be able to believe Coach Rod because I'm SURE he didn't make the same mistake twice and sign a hefty clause like that with Michigan, right?

Rodriguez also acknowledged he has agreed to a $4 million damages clause at Michigan.

Oh. Well, then I'll just assume that Dick Rod is one of the worst financial planners, has no clue how to negotiate and was bargaining by himself without any representation right?

WVU says Rodriguez had a sports agent, lawyer and financial adviser throughout the process and knew what he was signing.

Yeah, when it looks like cow feces and smells like cow feces, it's probably bullshit. I'm an Engineer and I haven't done a great job negotiating my salary over the years but even I'm smart enough to know if it ain't on paper don't expect it to happen. I'd never sign something with the expectation of "promises to be kept". In the world of business verbal contracts are meaningless, and trusting an executive is career suicide. Michigan fans can defend Dick Rod all they want (and believe me the majority will) but he is slimy in every sense of the word, especially given the fact that he signed a contract with his current employer that has the same clause as the contract with his former employer that he now contends is unfair. Sure West Virginia comes off as the spurned lover in this whole ordeal but in the case of the $4 million buyout, Rodriguez appears very sleazy.


Paterno Lives! said...

First of all, you don't sign salary contracts that are well into ten figures without having several high priced layers, on your behalf, reviewing every crossed t. To claim ignorence is actually a bit insulting to the judge or whoever the hell is listening to this case. DickRod is a rather big douchbag, but there is not way he is actually that dumb.

Galen said...

Couldn't agree more