Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TNL down for the count

Spent my holiday laying on the couch within 30 feet of a toilet at all times thanks in part to some alien bug that liquefied my lower intestines and my computer decided to kick the bucket so not going to be able to do much until I get things straightened out. In the meantime check out BSD, Mike says PSU has landed their ninth commitment, defensive back Stephon Morris and he also has a great breakdown of the running back targets for dear old PSU. Elsewhere in the PSU blogosphere, RUTS is back from his marathon in Vermont. Why is that important enough to link? Because typing 'marathon' and 'RUTS' in the same sentence makes me snicker.


BSD said...

Good luck, man. I had that liquid intestine thing a few weeks ago and it took me 10 days to completely shake that off. Can you pass germs over the internet? On the plus side I lost about 10 pounds in the process. So have fun with that.

Now I've got the "One Last Nasty Cold Before Summer" bug that kicked my ass all weekend.

Run Up The Score said...

That thing hit me twice last winter in Colorado. It actually sent my girlfriend to the hospital for dehydration, too.

Not fun. Get well.

I think Mike's the only one who didn't take the three-day blogging holiday.

Galen said...

Thanks, I'm getting better I think I ate something over the weekend that was bad. The computer being down will kill the blogging because I'm not going to the library to blog in the offseason and I have to be careful what I do at work. I can comment but if they see too much activity to blogger, big brother will have my head.

Nick said...

Galen come on, give the real reason why you can't go to the library to blog.

Galen said...

Ok, I got pulling a Stanley Pringle and banned from the public library.