Monday, May 19, 2008

Pens headed to the Stanley Cup finals

So it took five games but the Pittsburgh Penguins routed the Flyers in Game 5 and are on their way to the Stanley Cup finals. Flyers fans can be proud of their team they overachieved through much of the playoffs and were one series away. Considering this team was the worst in hockey just a year ago Philly has come a long way. I now implore all Flyers fans to jump on the Pittsburgh bandwagon and root for the Pens like they were your own. Who would you rather win the Stanley Cup, Pittsburgh or Detroit? I think that's an easy question to answer. Before this series even started I had a gentlemen's agreement with my Flyer friends that whoever won we would ban together and root for the PA team against Detroit and I invite everyone to do the same. Go Pens!


BSD said...

I will never cheer for the Pens or anything associated with that filthy city for that matter. Never.

Galen said...

Come on, you would rather root for the city of Detroit?

jd said...

christ, what a choice. i guess i hate detroit just that much more.

however, it wasn't the detroit fan that tried to hit me with a broom thursday night at a pittsburgh bar.

eh-most of my friends are pitt folk, so i guess i'll have to root for them.

also-what's with all the homeless in pitt wearing penguins gear? i saw two panhandlers on 279 on thursday night before the pitt tunnel.

Anonymous said...

yes, i would rather root for Detroit, hockeytown, to beat the everloving crap out of the premadonna's from the smoggiest city in the country...anyday