Wednesday, April 02, 2008

There Is No Offseason

So, rumors were circulating, but now it’s out in open (h/t: RUTS)
Police said [Stanley] Pringle, the team's point guard, sat behind the victim in the stacks section of the library, attempted to start a conversation with the woman and began masturbating.

Before everyone starts overreacting, clearly this is just a case of trying to keep his skills sharp. The guy is dedicated, I mean look at his bio:
Fast and quick with a penchant for pushing the ball.... who can also shoot with range, he earned Suncoast Conference Player-of-the-Year honors at Pasco-Hernando Community College in 2007 where he shot nearly 40 percent from three.

Now, if someone can tell me, how he could possibly improve his skills any other way, I am all ears. Anyone? I didn’t think so.

You jackin' it?


Anonymous said...

The one main thing DeChellis had going for him was he kept his players out of trouble. Now that has gone out the window

Nick said...

Yeah, one guy did something stupid, clearly everything is rotten. Fantastic reasoning

Anonymous said...

haha, hilarious. I definately wouldn't say DeChellis is F**ked like the first guy, but this is going to help him just as much as his losing record. But seriously, how stupid is Pringle? I guess once you pop the fun don't stop