Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The New Recruiting Pitch

Viral marketing is all the rage, Penn State gets in the game targeting tweenage sisters of recruits with the Jonas Brothers. Who says Joe can't keep up with the times?
If you've got kids, they could explain this better than I ever could.

Need to feel better about yourself after watching that? Alright, cleanse yourself as Penn State apparel makes an appearance on Deadliest Catch.
Yeah, I know it’s not King Crab, but Opilio season ain’t too shabby.


Galen said...

F'in A! The captain is wearin' the PSU hat, not one of the deckhands. I think he's wearing a Penn State shirt as well, but I can't tell. PSU on Deadliest Catch. Representin'.

Nick said...

It's in the photo on his bio too, I wonder if one of his kids goes to Penn State.


Anonymous said...

Actually during the king crab season he is a deck hand,but during opillio he is the captain.I thought it was pretty cool to see someone representing penn state in alaska.

Nick said...

I know, he's the Deck Boss during the King Crab season.

PSUgirl said...

I honestly can't think of any better combination of endorsements - we will take over the world.