Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good evening. I'm Ron Burgundy and here's what happening in your world tonight.

I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

It takes a real reporter to get to the bottom of a story and Ron Burgundy is that man, that anchorman. Last night, he was at Penn State as part of their "Distinguished Speakers" series and took a little time to sit down with Derrick Williams and Sean Lee.

Does JoePa shoot up? Inquiring minds want to know these things.


joepadon said...

What happened to the video?

Nick said...

That's an excellent question, its down already. Hopefully it turns back up again. I blame the major media for squashing this story. They're jealous

joepadon said...


I was really looking forward to watching that video.

Anonymous said...

I read a review of his performance two nights ago at tOSU where he apparently interviewed their university president. I was much happier to see D-Will and Mr. Lee out on stage last night. One of the better segments of the whole evening.

Anonymous said...

That last one was mine.


Nick said...

Apparently, Funny or Die made them take it down, which seems odd to me. I guess they would rather them post them there instead? I'll keep an eye out and try to repost the video. If I recall correctly the basic gist was Ron Burgundy asking them if JoePa shoots up steroids and Ron telling them steroids are great, he just started using them and he lifted a bus off a baby the other day.