Monday, January 28, 2008

Players kicked off the team

Not much to say about this other than you knew it was coming:

Three Penn State football players have been dismissed from the team, at least until their pending legal issues are settled, a source close to the team said Friday.

Defensive tackle Chris Baker, linebacker Navorro Bowman and defensive back Knowledge Timmons, who did not travel with the team to the Alamo Bowl in December for disciplinary reasons, face an uncertain future.

Even though Chris Baker is probably our best interior lineman I don't want to see him in a Penn State uniform ever again, he is Trouble with a capital "T".


drozz said...

couldn't agree more. i can handle one mistake, but with multiple felonies, one might think that baker just isn't right for this program.

maybe OSU, tho'

as for timmons and baker, are they repeat offenders?

drozz said...

oops, meant bowman.

stupid coffee hasn't kicked in.

Galen said...

I believe that Bowman and Timmons are first offense guys. It's painfully obvious that Baker doesn't get it after multiple offenses for the same thing.