Monday, December 03, 2007

Remember the Alamo?

Yippee! Penn State gets a rematch of the 1999 Alamo Bowl when the Nittany Lions shut out the Texas A&M Aggies 24-0. It will be the Aggies third appearance in the Bowl; the other was a 22-20 victory over Michigan. The part of the press release that I think is most interesting is this paragraph.

We look forward to welcoming the history and tradition of the Texas A&M Aggies to San Antonio to play the Penn State Nittany Lions," said John Yantis, Valero Alamo Bowl Chairman. The 1999 Alamo Bowl match-up between Texas A&M and Penn State filled the Alamodome with a record crowd and over 6 million viewers in ESPN. We are excited to again have the opportunity match two tradition-rich universities in the 2007 Valero Alamo Bowl.

If this isn't a sign of the times in college football I don't know what is. Notice it's not important that it's a "good" matchup of two teams that may end up in a decent game; no it's more important that we bring in butts to fill the seats and viewers to watch their sponsors' commercials. Moreover, if you look back at the three times Texas A&M played in the game (1995, 1999, 2007) the Alamo bowl was (in chronological order) the Builders Square Alamo Bowl, then the SYLVANIA Alamo Bowl, and finally the Valero Alamo Bowl. No wonder we have a lame system to determine the national championship – the corporate sponsors rule. Anyho, is there anyone out there really excited about this matchup? I'm not but hopefully some of you are.


BillyBob said...

There is much rejoicing among the PSU diaspora in Texas. If I don't get drunk, fall off the riverwalk into the Guadalupe and drown I'll send you a report.

JB said...

Remember before the '99 game when A&M claimed they were the real Linebacker U? Oh man, good times.


Galen said...


If you're alive I'll expect a full report no matter what condition you may be in.

Yeah, A&M... Miami... lots of schools have tried to claim the rights to Linebacker U but with Poz, Connor, and Lee I don't think anyone's going to usurp PSU anytime soon.

M1EK said...

The Guadalupe is where you go toobing (New Braunfels); the riverwalk is the San Antonio River.

Billybob said...

Well maybe I'll just be stumbling a long way to fall in the river. I thought the SA river eventually became the Gaudalupe... shows what this PA transplant to Houston knows.