Friday, December 28, 2007

Blue and White Roundtable: the Alamo bowl awaits edition

Did I hear someone say they could use a Roundtable because we've got one for ya! With a monumental game like the Alamo bowl how could we NOT have a Roundtable?! This time around each participant came up with one question, so here they are with links to the respective blogs that entered said question. Enjoy.

WFY: Do you think any of the quarterbacks below Anthony Morelli will get any meaningful playing time on Saturday?

Nick: No, I don't think they will, but I hold out hope they do. Chances are we only see them if we're blowing out the Aggies and in that case we'll only see them hand off.

Galen: Meaningful no, playing time, yes. I doubt you would ever see Paterno give underclassmen a chance in a bowl game that isn't the old man's way but I don't think this game will be close either was so you will probably get to see Clark late.

TNN: Other than the quarterbacks, what players would you like to see get significant playing time in the game for preparation for 2008?

Nick: Don't burn any redshirts, but maybe throw a couple third stringers in on some additional plays and build up depth.

Galen: I want to see a lot of Evan Royster simply because he needs the experience and I want to see if he can make it through an entire game healthy which leads to the next question:

TINNOMJ: Will Royster finish the game healthy? If not, how concerned should fans be about the RB position in '08?

Nick: The running back position will be fine next year regardless, but it might raise concern about Royster being an every down back.

Galen: I think so, I don't think he's injury prone but if it's a high-ankle sprain, those things are hard to shake off, they need rest. With two quality recruits coming in and Royster I don't think we will have to be concerned about the running back position in '08. The offensive line is going to make whoever carries the ball look good.

BSD: Obviously a loss to Texas A&M in the Alamo Bowl would be devastating for the psyche of the program going into the off season. But is there anything good that can come out of beating a middle of the road Big XII team in a non-New Years Day bowl game? Basically, tell me why I should care about this game.

Nick: Basically, you can wash the taste of Michigan State out of your mouth. What else are you gonna watch? Patriots at Giants? Are you kidding, that's not even a choice.

Galen: I don't think a loss will be devastating it really doesn't carry over for a whole year but it would be nice for the team to finish on a high note. Really, I would love to shake my pom-poms and get you all fired up but I simply don't care about this game. The only think that could possibly come out of this game for me is aggravation. Seriously.

TNL: Will 2008 be JoePa's last year and if so will the old man bow out gracefully or will he be forced out?

Nick: 2008 will not be his last year and there's no way he's forcibly removed. If this all ends messy, there are far too many problems that would create both inside the program and out.

Galen: I don't think there's a snowball's chance in Hell that Paterno leaves on his own, he'll either die on the sideline or force the administration to kick him out. This thing isn't going to end pleasant and I fear he will end up tarnishing what was once one of the greatest careers in college football history.

RUTS: When Joe Paterno finally retires, how long of a leash should the next coach get? What's the standard he'll be judged by, and does your answer depend on whether the new head coach comes from within or outside the program?

Galen: I don't care where the coach comes from he gets a short leash. Now I'm not one of those fire everyone and let God sort it out type of guys but you're at Penn State in the Big Ten you should be able to recruit well and win while keeping up the same academic standards Paterno has set – hey if an 80 year old can do it why should we expect any less?

Lightning Round

Your Alamo Bowl Prediction?

Nick: Penn State wins 35-14.

Galen: Penn State 27, A&M 21

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