Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blog Chips

-Penn State has dropped Arkansas State and added Oregon State to the 2008 schedule. Some have speculated that it was Arkansas State that backed out and not Penn State but it appears the real reason is ESPN.

Athletic Director Dean Lee said the schedule change was initiated by Penn State, which has added Oregon State in place of Arkansas State. ESPN also played a role, Lee said, and in accepting the scheduling change Arkansas State might have earned a shot at television exposure in the future. "ESPN brought it to us and I think ESPN was working with Penn State and the Oregon State game and Alabama and one of their games," Lee said. "We're getting some future opportunities as well that we'll be able to participate in, too."

Anytime ESPN is mentioned in the same breath as scheduling at dear old State my sphincter muscle contracts but at least we have a quality out of conference opponent.

-The Big Ten has finally added a bye week and Paterno is happy.

-This just in: Comcast still sucks.

-State College comes in as the second safest metropolitan area according to the Morgan Quitno Awards. Apparently they haven't been to State College during Ohio State games.

-I love the classics. Drunks are fun.

-Finally I don't know why I didn't start reading Boiled Sports long ago but I should have, they have the best take I've seen so far on Bobby Petrino's trek from Louisville to Atlanta and back to college at Arkansas.


J Money said...

Appreciate the props, man.... but we're not in your blogroll...?

Galen said...

Ok, so I’m a drunk lazy piece of shit that doesn’t keep track of things… now you’re added. Friends?