Sunday, October 14, 2007

Latest Paterno Incident

Yesterday, following the game against Penn State and along the way to their hotel. Wisconsin’s team bus was being followed closely by a white car. The white car passes them and then cuts them off and pins them against the curb. The driver gets out and starts screaming obscenities at the dejected team, flipping both middle fingers and repeatedly saying "Hey Bielema, do you know who I am!?" The irate screaming and cursing by the driver of the white car continues shouting “How’d you like that score today, asshole? Remember that kick-off bullshit you pulled last year? In your fucking face, fuckwad!” The rant went on long enough for the campus police to arrive at which time the driver of the white car takes off. The team on the bus is so shaken up that the police ask here if they’re OK. The only thing they can think of that set the driver of the white car off was if they were driving too slow. The team was in some state of shock the rest of the day that Joe Paterno, a man they admired, could act this way.

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Brad said...

You should have had some more comments on this (I'm just now seeing it)... very funny!