Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blog Chips

Linky linky time!

-Michigan may have misinterpreted Big Ten freshmen eligibility rules and played an ineligible player for the first three games. Artis Chambers enrolled at Michigan in January and was not eligible to play this season but mistakenly played in the first three games. The penalties might include forfeiture of the Wolverines' 14-9 victory over Penn State. Hey if you can't beat 'em on the field bring in the lawyers.

-More poll wackiness – LSU jumps over USC even though the Trojans won. USC had a sloppy 27-24 victory while LSU beat powerhouse Tulane 34-9 a game they led by 1 at halftime. I guess no one likes a sloppy Trojan.

-Football, oh yes we have football. This week is another one of those crazy college football schedules with games starting tonight and on every night till Sunday.

Thank you football gods!

-It appears that Iowa is in the same depressing state that the Lions are in.

Iowa had a variety of bonehead penalties. Its two place-kickers took turns hooking and shanking. Its defense, for the first time all season, got outplayed. Its quarterback demonstrated happy feet are nothing to smile about.

I've already got the name copyrighted for this week's game; we'll call Saturday's nightmare the Prozac bowl.

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