Thursday, October 25, 2007

Big Ten Bloggers Roundtable

Roundtables galore here at TNL. It was my turn to answer the questions this week as Nick desperately searches for a ticket to the game Saturday and I sit back relaxed knowing I'm in. *sniker* Mike from BSD has the questions this week and here are your answers.

Pretend for a moment you're the little Japanese guy on Heroes. You can close your eyes, clench your fists, crap your pants and go back in time. If you could go back and change one play for your team this season, what would it be?

Really, only one play? If I can change only one it would have to be any one of the horrible interceptions Morelli threw against Illinois. But if I could change anything it would be JoePa's moronic choice to go conservative against Michigan on the 11th hour after a week of practicing wide open offense. If Penn State opens things up against Michigan I think they would have won that game and probably beat Illinois. There really wasn't one play that led to Penn State's downfall in either of their two defeats. Actually the other play that I would change is Hahn's run up the middle which resulted in a season-ending injury.

We're now two-thirds of the way through the season. Everyone likes to debate who will be the Big Ten Coach of the Year. I want to know which Big Ten coach is a complete moron that should be demoted back to fullbacks coach on a team that runs the spread offense?

Without a doubt the worst performance for a coach this year has to be Tim Brewster of Minnesota. I don't think anyone expected big things from the Golden Gophers this year but they are really terrible. Minnesota has lost to everyone with a pulse including Div I-AA North Dakota State last week. How they managed to beat Miami (of the Ohio variety) I'll never know.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. But the Bible doesn't say anything about your rival. Which current Big Ten player do you most wish played for your team?

Without a doubt it would be James Hardy who is 6'7" and 220 lbs by the way. Hardy is a handful for any defensive back and he made Justin King look terrible. That's not any easy thing to do; I think it's safe to say that most fans around the Big Ten would consider King one of the best corners in the Big Ten and yet Hardy thrashed him. Morelli would love to have a big target like that to heave the ball to when he gets into trouble, heck he does it now with smaller wideouts and usually gets into trouble doing so.

Bonus Question

It's probably too early to start thinking about next year. Well, unless you're Minnesota in which case you've been thinking about next year for a month or so already. Assess your team's future. Was this year your chance to make a run or is this just a rebuilding year with greater expectations in 2008? Or do you plan to suck in 2008 just as much as you suck now?

Well considering we'll still have Jay Paterno on the coaching staff I'm sure they'll lose some games they shouldn't next season. Looking ahead, Penn State gets back all of the players on both lines so they should be pretty damn good up front. Connor is gone and so is King probably but Penn State has never had problems filling in linebackers. Morelli and Kinlaw are the only casualties on the offensive side of the ball so if they can find a serviceable replacement for Anthony the Nittany Lions should shine in 08. It also helps (or hurts depending on how you look at it) that their out of conference schedule is totally garbage so they will have 4 wins there.


Nick said...

Um, JoePa wanted to put Clark in against Michigan.

Galen said...

But supposedly he scrapped the "open" offense for a more conservative approach. He did want to put Clark in during the game and I think that would have been a big mistake. I'm not sold on Clark yet as a passer.

Nick said...

Neither am I, but could he have played worse than Morelli against Michigan?

drozz said...

if joepa wanted to put clark in with that offensive (double entendre) game strategy in michigan, we would have gotten destroyed.

i definately agree-the change in strategy the night before the game kind of led to a hangover in illinois.