Thursday, September 20, 2007

SEC: Football games should NOT be fun!

We interrupt your vitriol-laced hatred of the skunk bears to bring you news from the SEC. Apparently the conference with all the speed wants you to enjoy that speed but not in a fun way. First Georgia president Michael Adams banned the term "The World's Largest Cocktail Party" for the Florida-Georgia game because it condoned… get this… drinking! At a college football game?! The horror.

Now the SEC is telling its fans that despite how lowly of a team you are and no matter how big an upset you pull you must golf clap politely and exit in an orderly fashion. In case you were on the planet mars last week, Kentucky, the team that was just 3-8 two years ago, beat #9 Louisville on a late touchdown catch.

Aren't visual aids fun. Of course the fans were ecstatic and why wouldn't they be, this is a huge win for a program tagged with that awful moniker "basketball school." Of course after the final whistle blew, there was an orgy of unbridled enthusiasm* as fans rushed the field.

Typical reaction from any level headed group of fans but not so says the SEC. On Monday the conference that doesn't drink alcohol *wink* *wink* fined Kentucky $25,000 for violating league policy about keeping fans off the playing field.

SEC policy limits on-field access to "student-athletes, coaches, officials, support personnel and properly credentialed individuals." It is the school's second violation of the policy; Kentucky was fined last year when fans ran onto the field after the Wildcats defeated Georgia.

Now I believe in keeping players, coaches, and personnel safe but give me an F'in break people. Kentucky beating big-brother Georgia and, more to the point, a top ten team merits some slack. This isn't an everyday occurrence at Kentucky and die-hard fans that have sat through Calista Flockhart-lean years of football deserve to have a little fun. But I guess that's not the case in the yard-stick wielding Catholic School atmosphere of the SEC. Thank God I'm a Big Ten fan, we only have to deal with an Ass for Commissioner.

SEC: pay attention you little bastards!

*gratuitous Seinfeld reference


Hawkeye State said...

Billy Mumphrey was a simple country boy - some might say a cockeyed optimist - who got caught up in the high-stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue.

Galen said...

So.. it was enthusiasm that led to his downfall... interesting take.