Monday, August 13, 2007

The Nittany Lions land three more

Penn State's recruiting class is getting bigger. The Nittany Lions added Ohio running back Michael Shaw, Michigan offensive lineman Deon'tae Pannell and Delaware defensive tackle James Terry. Shaw is listed as a 4 star recruit by Scout, Pannell is listed at 3 stars while Terry is a 2 star recruit. I've never been a big fan of star ranking I look at whom else was after the recruit and Michigan was after both Shaw and Pannell, so you know they're not chopped liver. Both Shaw and Pennell fill a big void for Penn State at running back and offensive tackle. Unlike Brandon Beachum who dishes out blunt force trauma, Shaw has more breakaway speed and cutback ability. Welcome to the Nittany family gentlemen.

Michael Shaw

Deon'tae Pannell

James Terry

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