Monday, June 04, 2007

Recruit Swap

A day after Trinity High School star linebacker Andrew Sweat stood at midfield of his High School stadium and made his verbal announcement by scrolling the words "Andrew Sweat ... Is A Buckeye!" on the scoreboard, Penn State returned the favor by landing one of Ohio's best linebackers. Mike Zordich, a 6-1, 220-pounder linebacker from Cardinal Mooney of Youngstown, issued a verbal commitment to PSU Friday. (HT:BSD)

Of course Zordich is a legacy recruit who initially said his father playing for PSU had no bearing on his decision but it seems that he's been around the program for a while and I'm sure his father's school of choice had to have some effect on his choice. His final decision came down between Ohio State and Penn State. At least Penn State can still keep it in the family. Welcome Mike.


PSUgirl said...

I am so glad to have gotten this kid.

His dad was such a great player - both at PSU and with the Eagles! We loved him - he was so cute - I got his autograph at many a B/W game.

Steve said...

"He was escorted around Notre Dame's campus by Irish coach Charlie Weis on a golf cart and had lunch with defensive coordinator Corwin Brown."

Wow, Weis is giving up on the whole walking around thing. How soon before he's in a cart on the sidelines.

Galen said...


Weis won't ever be in a cart on the sideline because he needs to be mobile enough to grab the occasional hot dog a passing fan might drop. On second thought, maybe he’ll hire someone to do that for him.

Reed said...

Good, you got your LB, leave some for PITT (preferrably Hale and Yanich).

Pete the Streak said...

What do ya mean, Reed??? We got our (one?) linebacker, now leave some for PITT? Dude - we're Linebacker U.

I'm afraid you haven't been paying attention. As the translation goes, "All your 'backers are belong to us!".

You're a good guy, Reed, and I don't mind seeing PITT do well. Just not at our expense.

Now - one more time (say it with me): "All your 'backers are belong to us!".