Friday, May 04, 2007

Justin King Cleared

Give me a dancin’ monkey baby!

The prosecution drops all charges against cornerback Justin King shortly after the preliminary hearing started this morning. More to come later.

Update: Assistant District Attorney Steve Sloane said prosecutors had no evidence that King's entry into the West College Avenue apartment was malicious and no evidence that he hurt anyone or damaged anything. "As a matter of fact, we have evidence to the contrary," Sloane said. He said King was seen trying to pull people out of the apartment. After the melee ended, Sloane said, King stayed at the scene and tried to apologize to the apartment residents.

Now COME on, why was he even charged? I understand they drew a line between those that stayed outside and those that entered, but why even drag him into this with evidence pointing to the contrary? I was slightly worried about Judicial Affairs still coming down on Justin, but with this info, let's just say my beer will be even tastier tonight.

Update, yet again: So yeah, you all know by now we’re down to two, I’m late… again. Scirrotto and Baker are the only two left over “bound for trial” (oooooo, look a new legal term. Nice). We did find out that the guy that punched Scirrotto lied which is interesting.

Another witness was Bernd Imle, who admitted to initiating a fight with Scirrotto earlier that night, an event prosecutors contend led to the brawl at the apartment. Imle said he and two friends were passing Scirrotto and his girlfriend on a College Avenue sidewalk when she “hocked up a lugie” and spit. He said he responded by saying “ewww.”

He said after taking a few steps, Scirrotto yelled at him. He said Scirrotto kept yelling. Imle said he eventually punched Scirrotto. When Scirrotto's girlfriend approach Imle, he said he restrained her from hitting him, at which point she hit him with a knee to the groin. In an earlier interview with police, Imle said he was hit in the groin first and then punched Scirrotto. He admitted to lying because he was nervous.
Hmmm, isn’t lying to police a no-no? At any rate we can put away the Nitroglycerin Tablets it seems we will only loose Scirrotto and Baker for a significant amount of time.


Mike said...

I'm glad King's charges were dropped. From what little you can glean from reports, he did kind of what I thought Rashard Casey SHOULD have done in his fight incident - tried to stop his friends from doing something awful.

Galen said...

I think this was simply a case where the DA knew they couldn't prove he punched anyone so it would never hold water in front of a jury. I'm guessing you will see some of the same from the lesser-charged guys as well.

BSD said...

I like how the DA pointed out they had evidence to show King was trying to break things up and actually stayed afterward to apologize to the residents. Hopefully this will restore King's good image with the media and he won't just be known as a guy who had charges dropped due to lack of evidence.

Galen said...

yeah, I just posted that, I saw it earlier in the day, but.. you know, work and stuff.

BSD said...

Haha. You got spammed. I think I'm going to go buy a crack pipe.

Galen said...

Damnit, I was just thinking this weekend that I haven't been spammed in a long time.

Reed said...

Galen - thought I'd check out your blog - excellent. I'll be dropping by to give a real world perspective every once in a while. :)

Galen said...

Thanks a lot you are more than welcome to give me your 2 cents on anything, I encourage comments, even if they go against my opinion. Actually, especially if they differ than mine. Just remember that I'm a tad less serious than Black Shoe Diaries. Ok a LOT less serious.