Monday, April 16, 2007

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Sunshine, on my shoulders…

Things are a little better this week, football is upon us. Yeah, yeah, I know; it's only a spring scrimmage game but hey… it's FOOTBALL, damnit! Monday is actually tolerable this week and work… well, work still sucks but at least there's something to look forward to at the end of the week. Not only is there football and tailgating to look forward to, but for the first time in the recent past, the weather may actually work out.

Considering it's been cold and shitty in central PA for the past two weeks, it's about time we get some good news on the weather front. I'm not holding my breath though, I'm sure that forecast will change three times before the end of the week – fear not, I'll keep you updated.

More good news

Forgetting the possibility of a nice weekend, there is some more great news on the PSU front – the Men's Gymnastics has won a national title (HT: BSD). "Penn State wins third team title since 2000 with a season-high score of 221.000" Congrats guys, you make us proud.

Must be a full moon

You can tell it's Blue/White weekend, Mike from Black Shoe Diaries started the week off in grandiose style.

I had a copule of those big tall Yuenglign Lagers and letme tell ay, this bloke was buzzing. So cI ame home and deciced to keep the buzz goign. Had a vfew beers, broke out the Captian and Coke, and badabing, I'm drunk.

This firmly places Mike in my list of heroes, anyone that drinks Big Boy Lagers and moves on to Captain & Cokes has my respect.

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