Tuesday, March 06, 2007

JoePa: Ghost Rider

During this year's THON, which raised $5,240,385.17 for pediatric cancer – a full million more than last year, a custom-made Penn State Chopper autographed by Coach Joe Paterno was raffled off. I posted a picture of it here. Bruce Smith of Mount Union was the lucky winner of said chopper as 168 people paid the $200 for a ticket. More importantly, I was e-mailed the following link to the grainy video of JoePa signing the Chopper – and let me just say this, take the 30 seconds and watch the clip, it's hilarious.

Now it's been said around these here internets that Joe is really an undead zombie doomed to walk the Penn State campus feasting on the brains of unsuspecting co-eds.

But after viewing Joe on the Chopper, I've come to the conclusion that Joe is really Ghost Rider – mild mannered coach by day, dispensing Hellfire while fighting evil at night... of course if you ask his players, they may say I have that backwards.

Hey, at least he’s more believable than Nicolas Cage

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