Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blue & White Roundtable

It’s Wednesday and that means B & W roundtable. Run from Run Up The Score has the questions this week and there seems to be some sort of tournament going on by the questions. Enjoy.

1. The Penn State men's basketball team ended their horrific season with a predictable but exciting loss against Illinois in the Big Ten tournament. The Nittany Lions ended the season with one win in their final sixteen games. All signs point to Ed DeChellis returning to the Lions' bench next season, but should he? If so, what is the bare minimum he has to do next year in order to keep his job?

Until this season DeChellis has maximized his talent and overachieved so he deserves to stay at least a couple more seasons. It’s not like the guy doesn’t give 100%, he just doesn’t have a whole lot to work with – Penn State just isn’t a basketball school. Changing the misconceptions of 18-year olds will take a long time, I don’t care who is in charge. As far as the height of the proverbial bar that is set, I would hope that this team is at the very least an NIT team next seaseon, but then again, I thought the same about this season’s team.

2. With bouncyball out of the way, it's time for football (as if football season ever actually ends). Who are your top three Big Ten teams heading into next year and why?

#1 Michigan – the Wolverines have the entire offense back and should be in the Big Ten driver’s seat. #2 Wisconsin – the Badgers are a close second because they return most of their young team and should have a stellar defense and the usual tough offense and behemoth line. #3 Penn State – I think the Nittany Lions’ defense won’t drop off a bit and the offense has to be better; it just HAS to be, doesn’t it??

3. Who will be the lowest seed to win a NCAA tournament game this week?

I’ll say #14 Oral Roberts, just because the school sounds like a cheap 70’s gay porn name – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Gratuitous Seinfeld pic: "We’re NOT GAY! Not that there’s anything wrong with that."

4. Penn State is selling a DVD of highlights from the 2006 football season. What's your highlight from 2006?

I would think that the biggest highlight of the 06 season would be in the Outback bowl. The fumble return for a touchdown completely changed the game’s flow and put Penn State in total control. Honorable mention goes to a series of plays: the final scoring drive when Tony Hunt took the game over. Tennessee punted and PSU got the ball around midfield. I was yelling at the TV (yes I yell at the TV often): It’s Hunt time Vols. You know he’s coming, and there’s nothing you can do to stop him – and they didn’t. It was smashmouth Penn State football at its best and it put the game away. Classic.

5. Who wins in a fight, 30 midgets or a full-grown lion? Hey, it's a slow time for PSU sports.

The midgets, but not all 30 of them, the lion would start choking on the bones of the dead leaving an opening for the midgets to overcome the beast.

You knew with a midget question there was going to be a pic, I can’t help myself.

Lightning Round
Who wins the men's basketball tournament?

Duke – they have ESPN on their side.

Give us a music recommendation!

Sticking with the music, eh? Ok, I LOVE the self titled album by Crossfade – that is if you like the alternative style music which I love.

What's your favorite "underrated" Penn State football memory?

I remember sitting in the stands in the 86 championship season and Shane Conlin blocking a punt in the endzone for a safety against Cincinnati in a close game. The crowd was restless for most of the game and erupted on the block. I was young and it made me a Penn State fan for life.

As always leave your thoughts in the comment section below and head on over to Run Up The Score and Black Shoe Diaries for their answers.


Anonymous said...

Chafie Fields up the sideline against Miami


Arrington's block of Pitt's would be game-winning Field Goal attempt simply because of the 3 obnoxious Pitt fans in front of us in the student section. They spent the entire game talking smack, only upon witnessing Arrington heroics shut the fuck up and had everyone surrounding them shower their trash on them.

Galen said...

The thing I remember most when talking about Pitt and Arrington is Lavar assaulting the Pitt punter just because he could.

Mike said...

"It’s not like the guy doesn’t give 100%, he just doesn’t have a whole lot to work with – Penn State just isn’t a basketball school."

Disagree. They did fine in the A-10 and a few years after. They just need to replicate whatever Parkhill was doing (yes, even if it means no cheerleader is safe).

Galen said...

I don't disagree that they had basektball success in the past but when you think Basketball Penn State isn't going to be in the top 50 schools for most kids, they don't have the sexy name like Duke or North Carolina.

M1EK said...


They were getting there. Maybe Top 100 by the time Parkhill burned out.

Moving to the Big Ten and not holding onto a good coach at the same time was suicidal. Rebuilding in the A10 would have been oh so much easier.