Friday, February 16, 2007

Blog Chips

-The Penn State men’s basketball team almost pulled off the shocker of the year when Mike Walker’s three point shot sailed off the mark as time ran down giving #2 Ohio State a two point win. The game was horrifying and inspirational at the same time. As bad as they played in the first half, they played infinitely better in the second. This team keeps showing flashes of potential that we all thought they had at the beginning of the season but they never put it together. As always, Mike from BSD has the scoop.

-In case you were living in a cave this past week Colorado coach Dan Hawkins goes apeshit during a news conference. Thanks to the wonderful internets you can listen to it here.

Go play intramurals, brother.

-Brian Grummell of AOL Fanhouse says that Penn State fans are jerks and should shut up about recruiting violations and such. Or something like that… be certain a retort is in the works from this blogger.

-Dawgsports asks the question why won’t Big Ten teams schedule S.E.C. opponents? Feel free to stop by and give him your two cents.

Update: Penn State Football Season tickets have increased $3 to $49 for a regular ticket. I can't help but imagine myself sitting in the stands watching the Buffalo game next year thinking "I paid 50 bucks for this?!" But it won't stop me from going.

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