Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog Chips

-The Men’s Basketball team lost it’s eighth straight game Wednesday but solace can be taken in the fact that they played the #4 ranked team tough. Mike has the breakdown of Wisconsin – Penn State.

-From the “Beans are spilled” department: 5 star running back mega recruit Joe McKnight just got USC in really hot water. During the Wednesday news conference, McKnight said Carroll set up a conference call so he and Curtis (high school coach) could talk to Bush and ease concerns USC might face sanctions.


You see, this is a BIG no-no… former players are forbidden from telephoning prospective recruits, their relatives or guardians.

USC’s reaction?

Pete Carroll’s response: "It never happened.”
McKnight's high school football coach: “He misspoke.”
The University’s official passion: “We're aware of it, and we are looking into it."

Now I’m not one to believe all the alleged recruiting violations of other schools like some Penn State fans like to, but there is no doubt this happened, (in my mind) Carroll just forgot to emphasize to this kid to keep it a secret. I love it when stupid kids are put in front of cameras; it makes for good drama. You want a reality show, there’s your reality show.


Cool Hand Mike said...

Carroll: ...and I would've gotten away with it to if it hadn't been for you meddling kids.

Galen said...

Thelma: Jeepers! it was Mr. Carroll all along!

BillyBob said...

More food for thought, Mr. Green!

Black Shoe Diaries said...

Somehow they will get out of jail free again. Carroll must have a manila envelope in his desk with some compromising pictures of Myles Brand.

I've read rumors that Carroll was talking to Green's head coach all morning saying "tell the kid this and tell the kid that". Sneaky stuff. I read it on a message board so it must be true.

Galen said...

I doubt this is a MAJOR infraction but couple this kid's big mouth with the tapes of Bush and there could be trouble, but like you BSD, they will get out of it. College football needs USC because all the beautiful people in Hollywood back them. They're dead sexy. I think it's funny that this kid just blurts out: Hey USC broke rules to get me here. I'll bet Carroll's sphincter muscle puckered when he said that.